Specialising in HR Services,
including Employment Handbooks

Legacy Strategies Is Your Personal Human Resources Business Partner

Your organisation needs to retain the high performers that give it a competitive edge: employee retention is an essential element of any successful business. However, equally important is that your HR support takes an ethical approach that will help to provide a lasting legacy for the wider community. We provide HR services to businesses that may not need a dedicated in-house HR department.

We offer companies a more specialised, flexible and tailored alternative to having your own internal HR function, ensuring staff and your external reputation remain consistently high.

HR Services We Provide

Supporting your employees with essential guidelines and up to date employment law information.

Employee Handbooks

We can create or review your employee handbooks for you.

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Employment Contracts

We can review or produce job descriptions to get the best out of your employees.

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Recruitment & Training

A wide range of training is offered, both for new employees and for succession planning.

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Employee Relations

ER is often an emotive area which requires sensitive and experienced treatment to avoid conflict and escalation.

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Performance Appraisals

Regular performance appraisals work for the benefit of both your organisation and for the development of your staff.

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Talent Management & Succession Planning

We can work with you to identify your talent within the organisation, to put talent plans together and provide advice in relation to retaining that talent.

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Policies & Procedures

We ensure that your policies are always compliant and current.

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Competency Frameworks

Frameworks allow you to implement behavioural competence into your organisation effectively.

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Do you conduct audits on your records?
Are you Data Protection compliant?

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